Womens Political Action

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Womens Political Action

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Womens Political Action

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What Women Want This Election

We want to increase women’s full participation in the political arena, creating a political power base designed to achieve equality for women. Our Congress lags behind the national average at only 16% women. Although Washington State has always been a leader in electing women, with the 2008 elections our legislature now has 31% women in office – a drop from the 40% we once had elected (and down from 35% in 2008). Help get that number headed back in the right direction!

Join the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington State to elect topnotch women who will work for issues that affect women disproportionately:

  • Pay equity: closing the wage gap so women are paid the same as men for equal work, and increasing the minimum wage;
  • Protecting a woman’s right to reproductive choice and birth control, especially for low income and college women;
  • Workplace flexibility: supporting access to affordable childcare, more after school programs and increasing the benefits of the Family and Medical Leave Act;
  • Civil Rights and Equal Rights Amendment: changing the laws which still differentiate based upon gender and sexual preference; That’s what women want!

Thank you for your support of our great women candidates this year!


  • Sherril Huff, King County Director of Elections and now a candidate for the position (voters made this an elected position in November). This election takes place on FEBRUARY 3rd!
  • Adrienne Fraley-Monnilas for appointment to the Edmonds City Council to fill seat vacated by Previously Endorsed Incumbent, Deanna Dawson. Edmonds City Council is interviewing applicants and will make a decision on January 20th.

  Why Join the Caucus?

  • Support the movement for women’s equal rights
  • Strengthen our political voice
  • Learn about local politics and process
  • Meet promising women candidates and help them get elected
  • Participate in campaign trainings and learn how to run for office
  • Influence public policy
  • Get information, updates and invitations to fun events
  • Meet elected officials and activistst
  • Meet other great women who want to make a difference
  • Be a part of a national network of Caucus members

Come together to pool our resources and level the playing field for women candidates!